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Audio Book

A lot of my clients have expressed interest in an audio book that covers everything we do in the private/group session and more. I've decided to release the audio book exclusively for existing clients! I want to really help you guys nail the accent so that you can book more work and achieve all the success in your careers!



* 18 chapters covering everything I teach for the American accent including drills, technicals, advanced technique, improv

* Audition tips for your American accent

* A guided drill run-through for you to listen to and follow along with before your auditions, on-set, etc.

* The entire audio book clocks in at just under an hour of lessons.



Many of you record the lessons in person or on Skype, but the feedback I've been getting is that most don't listen back to those recordings because of audio quality and also because you aren't able to listen to specific topics when you need them. The audio book is broken up into parts so that you can revise everything from start to finish, or you can play specific chapters if you need to work on something in particular.


The audio book is the perfect guide to either keep your accent strong, or get back into it after a hiatus of using a different accent or not working all together.




The entire audio book is available for $50 USD or $66 AUD.




Once you purchase the audio book, you will receive a password protected Dropbox link to download it. You can use the files on your laptop, phone, iPod, any audio device!



Check out a sample of the audio book here:




If you would like to purchase the audio book, simply email me or text/Facebook me and I'll send you payment details. Once payment is made, I'll send you the link to download your audio book!



* Do you provide the worksheets with the audio book? Yes!

* I've seen audio books for way cheaper. Why is yours more expensive? The cheaper audio books go through various techniques, but don't actually give you the specific tools you really need to get the perfect American accent. This audio book contains everything we've covered in class - so it is a much cheaper alternative to private sessions. You'll feel like I'm there with you, going through the lessons.

* What if I still don't understand a particular technique or lesson? You can call or email me and I'll be happy to go through it with you.

* Will more chapters be available? Yes! Over time, I will add more chapters to the audio book with additional tips and guidance and even video elements. You will receive these for free!

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